Who I am

Minh Nguyen, aka DJ Cinnaminh, a Bay Area native, first encountered turntables in 2005 while a friend spun at a house party. She was able to shadow his work and instantly fell in love with the craft of DJing. Saving up to purchase a small DJ starter set and a few records she decided to take on this male dominated hobby. Through hours of practice she started building her love and passion for the art of mixing and the rest was history! Cinnaminh’s style is unique and believes that being well rounded and appreciating different styles of music is key.


Event Specialties

  • Weddings

  • Dances + Proms

  • Clubs

  • Private Events


Upcoming Events

04/22/17 - Wedding [San Jose, CA]
05/27/17 - Wedding [San Francisco, CA]
07/27/17 - Wedding [Gilroy, CA]
08/26/17 - Wedding [San Jose, CA]
09/09/17 - Wedding [Pacifica, CA]
09/23/17 - Wedding [Cupertino, CA]
09/30/17 - Wedding [San Jose, CA]
10/21/17 - Wedding [Piedmont, CA]
10/28/17 - Wedding [Livermore, CA]
04/14/18 - Wedding [Paso Robles, CA]